How I Help Sellers

KDRRS can sell your home for more money by using online advertising, social media, experience, and research of the area of choice.

KDRRS know that selling a home is one of anyone’s most stressful events in their lifetime. KDRRS will go through the steps with you finding out your needs and answering your questions and developing a mutually agreeable strategic strategy from listing to closing.

Determine Market Price

An appraisal on your property, plus the value of your neighbors property as well. Values can be low or high and have no relationship to the true value of your individual home.

The market price of your home is determined by more than just supply and demand. We work together with you in determining the features of the home which make it unique and add value to the property. We look at the sale of actual comparable properties within your area, as this is the only true way to gauge a “Strategic” property value. The final listing price is determined by our experience and research combined with your belief of the home’s values and the current condition of the market place.

Prepare and Market Your Property

Prepare Your Property for the Market

Perception is everything, that first impression of the buyer is a lasting impression. Our staff will help you prepare your home before it is shown, making sure that the strengths of your home are highlighted and the weaknesses downplayed. Our staff’s creative suggestions for a well-staged home can make for a quick sale at a higher price.

Professionally Market Your Property

In today’s high tech market it is absolutely essential to use the web to sell a house. The more web exposure your property gets the better chance you have for selling your home. Online marketing is not simply listing your home with the MLS, it is a comprehensive sales approach which involves posting, re-posting, blogging and placing your property on every real estate website available. Over 50% of home-buyers now utilize their mobile phones for searches but most agents do not even have a mobile friendly website, which in turn can scare a buyer away.

Utilize Latest Real Estate Technology

KDRRS committed to using the latest technology to your benefit. As the seller you will be able to track your transaction electronically 24 hours a day. We’ll show you FLEX MLS IDX content and information, weekly reports detailing showings and comments will be sent to you weekly.

Technology we will use to market your home: social networking, transaction management system, digital enhancement of photos, syndicated listings on over 70 sites, mobile access, and global marketing.


As a seller you control two key parts of the negotiation, the price of the home and the condition of the home. The net amount you walk away with will be affected by potential home repairs. When an offer is received we try to find out as much as possible about the buyer. The highest offer may not always be best if they are going to be asking for many repairs. The credit worthiness of the buyer also needs to be taken into consideration.

Cash is still King in buying homes. There is no rush when an offer has been submitted. All offers received from qualified buyers will be presented to you so that you may decide whether to counter, reject or accept the offer. We will examine the offer to find which of the details to negotiate with the buyer about after first examining what the last home sold for and the possibilities of prices increasing.

Guide You Through Closing Process

After the contract is accepted we will co-ordinate the scheduling of inspections, an appraisal and a survey for you. The buyer may request repairs. When it is deemed necessary to make repairs our firm has a list if qualified repair technicians to assist you. We will check with the title company will check to make sure there is no cloud on the title and monitor what is happening with the buyers lender. The amount of paperwork may seem overwhelming but we will be there at 480-215-1155 to answer any questions and resolve any issues which may come up.